Holiday "Hunting Manor" - a perfect place to spend their free time. Guests of our complex have families, large companies, couples in love, and different people, in which the main goal is quality holiday.img_3266.jpg

"The hunting manor" is original in that you can not only relax but also to work. It seems that business people often have to look for your conferences, seminars and workshops relevant places. Of course, this is not an easy job, because you need to calculate every detail to every guest who comes to an event feel comfortable.

To schedule an event held perfectly well enough to prepare the theoretical material, we must also take into account, and facilities and equipment therein. Meeting "Myslyvskyi sadiba" contains 120 people. This room offers a variety of configuration tables and chairs arrangement. An important factor is the availability of presentation equipment, since it is often necessary to show the visibility prepared. Also at these meetings is often a need for communication with other people who, for one reason or another have not been able to come to this event. This is useful in case of the Internet. Good quality allows its speed to talk on Skype to conduct any other manipulations.

The interior of the room will not leave anyone indifferent. It is designed in the same style, invented by our designers and craftsmen. The situation that prevails in the room will satisfy the most demanding customers.

What is important is the fact that our experts can accurately calculate the budget in the allotted time, they will help reduce your efforts to a minimum and get the perfect option to set aside funds.

For events such as: conferences, trainings, seminars we offer a few menu options, coffee breaks and gala dinners. Our chef and his team work their magic in the kitchen. Our range of dishes impresses, we offer not only the meat of domestic animals, and wild. You can also enjoy delicious dishes of fish, which are caught at once, especially to each table.

To the event went well you need not miss any important moment. For the project manager it is very difficult to cover everything at once, so we are pleased we can offer our services and consider every detail.

You will be satisfied and come here again and take advantage of our services. For more information call, which is posted on our website.